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LX & Maxwell Berlin

Veranstaltungsname: Huxley's Neue Welt
Adresse: Hasenheide 108-114, Berlin BE 10967

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Beginnt um: 2019.10.18, 20:00


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Name: LX

LX, meaning, "Living in X-zile" was born in Landstuhl, Germany and moved to D.C. when he was really young (Military Family). He started playing piano when he was five years of age by ear. As a youth, his musical influence came from the raw sound of DC Go-Go bands, Hard Rock and the soulful R&B that he heard growing up in his Southeast home. A self-taught musician now playing the Piano, Guitar (both acoustic and electric) Bass, Trumpet a little Sax. To this day, LX cannot read music but relies on his ears and emotion to make the mixture of sound that emanates within. "Just imagine if this boy could actually read music!" was often heard from many music teachers/professors and pastors. "They knew I couldn't read; it was obvious. I would just sit there lost as hell. All my classmates would look up to me asking me what a triad was and major and minor chords.... I couldn't tell them because I never knew myself. I mean, now I can sort of pick certain things out thanks to some professors at Bowie State. When ever a music test came, I would just play by ear and get over. I mean I've done it in elemetary school all the way to college. I remember my parents tried to get me piano lessons and I didn't want them. I felt that you can't teach me how to play what I feel. Many a piano teacher would be baffled how they try to teach me "Hot Cross Buns" and I wouldn't get it until I heard it. Its still kinda like that but I'm getting better. I mean, if I didn't tell you, you wouldn't know so what does it matter? I think reading music is just someone telling you to play what they feel. Im not all for it theres more than one way to do something. I'm open to learn if I can be reached on it but I realistically doubt it." Says LX to DJ Heat, a personality on WPGC 95.5 FM Real name, Elijah now 22, has been in and out of local Go-Go groups including DC's own CCB (Critical Condition Band) and has hooked up with Flipmode's "Rampage" doing beats for him and free lancing at will. He has come along way from the non-"In crowd" acne faced "I just wanna be noticed" kid who instead of playing basketball and football like his peers, drew cartoons and made beats with his mouth. "Man, *laughing to himself* I remember back in middle school. I would annoy the hell out of my classmates humming and beating on the desk and trying to battle the best rappers at my school. I really didn't get much respect as an MC and barely as a musician. To be real...with my childhood, I didn't get that much respect as a PERSON. Granite, was one of my only true best friends who has stuck with me since 2nd grade. Granite and Tchaositself were my boys. I remember in middle school the class had a meeting about how much of a loser I was. No, seriously. They sat me down, and told me everything that was wrong with me. My clothes, my whack rapping my corny jokes and even more. It kinda hurt... after that I kinda stayed to myself and didn't talk to many people. I was told I wasn't going to be anything by everyone from teachers to intermediate family. I think it was the end of 8th grade when people noticed me for real... Remember when BTNH's "Crossroads" was out? Well, one day while everyone was lining up for chapel ( I went to a private school) I was in the room playing crossroads. I was in the zone for about 4 minutes. - I looked up and I saw a room with about 200 people looking at me in awe. That was the first time someone said that music is good for me. Thats when I got serious." Being raised in one of the toughest neighborhoods in DC and going to private school, LX got street smart and book smart at the same time. He actually was Salutitorian in High School and Class President- A natural born leader founding the group of childhood friends and family "Warpath" but decided to do his own thing as well. Thats when he finished his album "Eternity: The Rebirth" in early 2006, a CD mixed with Rock and Rap inspired by the good and bad times of his life. "Now that I'm older, I guess I'm in the "In Crowd" now. Honestly, I'd rather not be. I like staying to myself. I'm used to it. Not to say I won't hang out with everyone but ...I like "LX"....I like "Living in X-zile"...it fits me." LX truly proves himself to be "Living In X-zile" showing versatility and poise as he depicts the life of a young man growing up on the streets of DC. The many styles, tones and tempos exhibited in his songwriting are like jambalaya for your ears. Whether your flavor is rap, rock, or hip-hop he brings an ecclectic sound pouring from his life, joy and sorrow.

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Name: Maxwell

Maxwell is his middle name; he has chosen to keep his first and last name private out of safety for his family. He was born to a Black Puerto Rican father and a Black American mother. The loss of his father at the age of three in plane crash (he was returning to his native country for a visit), greatly impacted him as a person and as an artist. Maxwell first performed in a Baptist church, and was heavily inspired by the work of artists such as Marvin Gaye and Prince. Maxwell began his interest in music at the age of 17 by writing songs. He eventually got a record deal with Columbia Records in 1994 when he was 21 years old.

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