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Name: Caribou

Daniel V. Snaith, Ph.D. (born 1979) is an electronic musician recording under the stage name Caribou. Snaith grew up in Dundas, Ontario (which is also the name of a song from his debut album Start Breaking My Heart) and studied mathematics at the University of Toronto. He is the son of Victor Snaith, a mathematics professor at the University of Sheffield. Snaith previously recorded under the stage name Manitoba, but changed it in 2004 under threat of an American lawsuit by Richard "Handsome Dick" Manitoba, a musician and DJ who had used the name since the 1970s. Snaith is quoted as saying that he chose the name "Caribou" while on an LSD trip with friends in the Canadian wilderness.. Snaith usually performs with a live band when playing gigs, often assuming the role of percussionist (as well as electronic composition, he is an extremely accomplished drummer). Sets also often include complex video projections on a large screen, a DVD of which was released in November 2005. He recently completed his Ph.D. in mathematics at Imperial College London. Snaith currently resides in London, England.

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